Wednesday, April 28, 2010

dreamboat time capsule

i had to go to the ABC today and pick up our posting for one of the 2 new locations. what a joyous crowd there. i stopped into a market afterward, where to my surprise, green seedless grapes rung up as $7.14 for a pound-and a-half. um, no thanks. then i hit up target and browsed for too long, meaning i spent too much. i tried on a dress that was pretty flattering, but the lining was visible at the seams. what do you want for $24.99, i guess. i got a couple of "boyfriend tees" instead.

i've had a stiff neck since monday. i went to this cheap little asian massage place (not THAT kind) yesterday afternoon where i was kneaded and prodded within and inch of my life. it's better, but still not 100%.

the last few days i spent on maui were peaceful and relaxing. i was able to make my rounds, as it were, of the things i like to see when i'm there for the most part, and i really feel like i was able to decompress. not something i do easily, and my brain is still on vacation. seriously, if you've seen my brain around, ask it to get down to business.

Not a bad view while stuck in traffic
this is the view of lana'i as seen from the pali, stuck in traffic

stopped in for a cocktail before dinner

opah for dinner at kimo's

until recently, there was pineapple grown here

i'm trying to focus on eating well. i was doing so well for a year or so, and now it feels like some old habits are slowly taking over. i'm trying to shut these down, with some success. little victories every day.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


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six word sunday: suddenly, traffic doesn't seem so bad.

Not a bad view while stuck in traffic

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

exciting new concept

here's a funny story: when i got back from the gym yesterday, i took off my shirt in the living room on the way to the bathroom. of course i still had my sports bra on, but that didn't stop the dude on his lanai in the next building over staring, hardcore. i got a laugh out of it, after being mortified, because i didn't realize just how far one can see in here.

still haven't busted out anything other than my cameraphone. it's the lazy person's best friend.

sugar beach, where i've been walking in the mornings:

sugar beach
Morning walk at the pond
kealia pond

i went out sunday night to a tiki bar and drank tiki cocktails like so:

At a tiki bar drinking tiki cocktails

the beautiful holy rosary church in pa'ia on the way to makawao:
Taking a drive upcountry. This church has always been a favorite.

it's hard to gauge just how immense this, this, compound is from this photo, mostly because i took it while driving around wailea and cut off a great portion of it on the right. frankly, it is downright disgusting how excessive it is.
the compound

the abc store is offering a variety of obama "dashboard dolls":

abc store

one reason i love maui:
one reason I love Maui

there are only 2 grades of gas currently available at this station. they're out of the other two, and offer no apologies because of it. also of note, $3.93 for regular. i'm fascinated by the variance in gas prices across the country. what are gas prices in your area?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

adventures in retail therapy

i wanted this jacket

and have hemmed and hawed for literally months about buying it. it wasn't an issue of price, it's just that i'm not sure if it makes me look like linda cardellini circa "freaks and geeks."


and now it appears to be sold out. which is probably a good thing, because the last thing i want to look like is a freak.

or a geek.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

six word sunday: as heart-stopping as it looks

fried chicken and waffles

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Thursday, April 15, 2010


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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

that's what friends are for

Jewels: You're not *that* much of a train wreck.

Me: I prefer to think of myself as a fender-bender.

Jewels: Maybe like a scratch on the car?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

six word sunday: you know what? sometimes i do.

R1- 8A

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

happy april, fools.

happy april, fools. baseball season is here!