Saturday, January 22, 2005

Photo Friday challenges in order of completion

Signs (487)
Crowded (103)
Sunset (548)
Childhood (296)
Natural (464)
Glass (114)
Blossom (539)
Packaging (188)
Perfection (386)
Landscape (535)
Youth (144)
Distored (563)
Luscious (563)
Faces (213)
Rest (10)
Soft (187)
Fancy (32)
Green (933)
Used (162)
Candid (197)

Politics as usual

What better way to capitalize on the world's political climate than to incorporate it into an ad?

Shhh! I drive a VW.


bandwagon (aka You've Got Blog!)

I'm here.
Just barely.
I'll mostly use this to post photos and to feed my new addiction, Photo Friday. It's definitely worth a look and before long you'll be hooked like I am.