Tuesday, August 30, 2005

listening to: early evening sounds outside

a tree grows in brooklyn san francisco. inside the house!

a thought just dawned on me. i should take my laptop outside and take advantage of my wireless internet to enjoy the evening. but i haven't, so far.

again, i'm tv-free for the day! not that it was a big addiction to begin with, but yanno.

and. and i'm off the sauce this week. sauce being caffeine. two days and going strong! again, not a big addiction, but i loves me some diet coke, mostly for the carbonation.

ate meatless buffalo wings for dinner, yummers!

marathon phone convo with t, it's going on our third hour, i believe. who knows what we talk about, but thank heavens for 'free' cell minutes. it's rare that i have enough patience to talk on the phone that long, but i'm in a good mood and with the bluetooth, i'm golden.

Monday, August 29, 2005

listening to: jazz essentials

ever get the feeling like you're losing it? it's been happening to me more often, and i sometimes catch sideways glances at my employess rolling their eyes at me after i've forgotten (yet again) to do something, bring something, buy something.

i just got my cable/internet bill, and apparently i overlooked paying it last month. ooops. not such a big deal, as there were no late penalties, but i've never been late for any kind of payment, ever. and it's not so much that the payment is late that it is that i actually forgot to pay it that bothers me.

i've been doing lots of thinking, meaning my mind is on other things and i'm not focusing on work very much. i made a concerted effort starting yesterday (yes, sunday, i had to work, ugh) to recommit. and it's been harder than i thought it was going to be! having to work on a sunday (or the weekend, for that matter) is a pain in the ass, but it allowed me to catch up on a few things and (gasp) get ahead a bit.

with all this thinking i've been doing, i've been listening to lots of jazz, intense thinking and jazz pretty much go hand-in-hand for me. so i can't get enough of my own cds or the vh1 jazz radio stations these days. it was practically perfect in every way sitting up in the city friday night watching the sun set over the water listening to billie holiday.

saturday was spent at the giants game enjoying the gorgeous weather and spectacularly crappy seats provided by a vendor--third row from the top of the third deck. we couldn't believe they'd offer these seats, but then i saw my rep there and shrugged.

a couple of highlights of last week: buying trouser jeans that i really dig. babysitting my two favorite munchkins and talking about the impending arrival of their baby sister. not watching tv all week except to catch the last bits of a golf tournament, but even then, i wasn't in charge of the remote. realizing that there are a few food choices for me at a steak house, even though i don't eat red meat.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

watching: chicken run

spent the greater part of the weekend in sf, mostly the marina. it's such a gorgeous area, but the folks that live and play there have this attitude that just oozes 'snob.'

not my scene.

i managed to take over 100 pictures to fuel my addiction. repeat after me: i love taking photographs. i love taking photographs. i love...

today was more sf action, including a giants game. and sitting in traffic on the way home for over an hour. such is life in the big city, i suppose.

the rest of the weekend agenda: r.e.l.a.x.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

watching: snowball express

i love me some dean jones. i recently added several items to my queue with him in it. all disney, of course.

mom has two fractured toes. yikes!

ate boneless buffalo wings for dinner tonight, same as friday night. yum. but they do a number on my stomach...tmi, i know.

i've been browsing photography websites just for fun. there's an exhibit i'd like to go to in the city this weekend. i wish i had friends that were interested in these kinds of things. i mean, i don't mind going by myself, but it's nice to be able to discuss things like this with friends.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

watching: huff season one episode thirteen

the week ends, the week begins.

so said a famous man.

but it's true! time flies when you're having fun.

definitely a short but sweet for certain weekend, complete with houseguests, a birthday party (for me!), farmer's market outing, clasroom setting up and a date. yeehaw!

now i need a weekend to take a break from my weekend.

isn't that always the case?!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Monday, August 15, 2005

watching: family business, disc two

he really is a pretty 'normal' guy, adam. raquetball, bringing clean clothes to his son. it's interesting, in fact.

i have a mean craving for chili' boneless buffalo wings. but their blue cheese is really ranch masquerading, so that's a deterrant.

got gorgeous flowers from the fam yesterday for my bday. also lots of good stuff!

hectic day today. two folks calling in sick. then the truck broke. ugh.

hoping tomorrow will be better, because i am trying to retain the calm from the fabulous birthday weekend.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Monday, August 08, 2005

we don't need no stinkin' glass ceilings

shattering the glass ceiling, one achievement at a time.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Just a photo today, not a whole lot to say.

God, I hate unintentional ryhmes.

griping all the way

am so irked with ebay right now.

i have been selling lots of items lately, esp. gift certificates/cards, and didn't realize they had a policy about the number of cards one seller could list at a time. so they cancelled all FIVE of my auctions. and i was so counting on that extra 100+$! now i have to relist them all, one at a time, a friggin week apart from each other. it'll take forever! also, i'm wondering what triggered their audit or whatnot, as the auction was slated to end today, right about now, and they cancelled them this afternoon. so. who wasn't doing their job and slacked off and waited until the last minute to end the friggin auction?

also, they will not refund listing charges for any of them, and that's over 2$ for those actions.

now i am beginning to understand why folks are selling elsewhere.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

pooling resoruces

Weekend in pics.

Coit Tower.

Cute baby.

The dog was bigger than its owner!

Rad guy we met.


Ball and chain.

They belong on the top of a wedding cake.