Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


i get on these music buying and listening jags. here's what's new:

i got the latest release from the new pornographers. at first listen, it sounds a lot like their last album. but i like it nonetheless!

my guilty music pleasure for a few weeks was cranking up katy perry's "california gurls" when it came on the radio. but now that it's been overplayed, i'm sick of it.

i got the first few songs from drake's latest album when they were leaked. now that i have the whole album, it's...okay. i think i like him best as a guest on other people's work. but he is nice to look at!

i got two new releases from arcade fire. sweet stuff! i like the sounds of "the suburbs."

it's trendy to hate on vampire weekend, but (without sounding like a snob) i've been digging them for a few years. "cape cod kwassa kwassa" has been my ringtone for ages now. the first few bars are so mellow, i don't jump when it rings. and i like that. but i did have a laugh when lookatthisfuckinghipster.com made fun of liking it.