Monday, February 28, 2005


I watched the Oscars all curled up on the couch with a heaping serving of No Pudge brownies that I baked in the afternoon between trips to Joann Fabrics and Target.

Random Observations:
-Chris Rock is the best host, ever. Stick it to 'em. Especially Sean Penn.
-Um, does Jaime Foxx have a freaking tattoo on his head?! The tears for his grandmother were touching. But I will always picture him as his roles on "In Living Color."
-Does this mean I need to see "The Aviator" now?
-I think I need to see "Million Dollar Baby."
-Glad I saw "Sideways."
-Clint Eastwood's mother was there. I wanted to chant "Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum!" a la "Seinfeld."
-Antonio Banderas looked greasier than usual. I thought he did a pretty good job on the song, but then again "The Mambo Kings" is one of my favorite soundtracks.
-Only three hours long, I'm impressed.
-Kirsten Dunst still bugs the hell out of me.
-I'm so freaking sick of Oprah.
-I liked the presence of all the nominees onstage.
-The Pepsi Co. dominated the advertisements, between Diet Pepsi and Sierra Mist. Yay for Pepsi for having Michael Ian Black!
-This marked the first awards show I have watched pretty much in its entirety. Don't think I'll do it again.

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