Wednesday, June 28, 2006

go your own way

I've been going to the pool in my complex several days a week. I rather like night swimming, mostly because there are no screaming kids at 9p, but also because it reminds me of living on Maui and how we used to swim all.the.time, especially at night. I spent a bit too much time down there on Saturday after tennis, and got a bit burnt. But I wanted to stay as long as possible, if you can believe it, there was not a soul down there at 11a! I ended up sitting out for about two hours, alternating reading and cooling off in the pool.


Then the kids arrived.

You know the ones that scream and yell and splash and are generally annoying when you're trying to relax? ("Oh, how you forget you and your sister were once those kids too," my mother says to me when I relayed this story.) The ones that use the life saving device on the fence as a pool toy? The ones that use their boogie boards (a complex no-no as it is) as surf boards? The ones whose parents always seem to be looking the other way, or screaming at them in a foreign tongue (not that there's anything wrong with that)?

Yeah, those kids. Whatever happened to the days of "adult swim" when it referred to more than a block of shows on the Cartoon Network?


Speaking of my condo complex, I noticed signs posted several places around the property:

(camera phone pic)

I think they forgot to add "no fun" while they were at it. As if the "please" helps that they're outlawing fun.

But who am I to talk after the curmudgeonly rant on kids at the pool? Apparently this complex has a lot of old folks like me.


  1. OMG! They just posted signs similiar to that one at my complex. Sucks because I always put on my rollerblades in the complex and skate out to the Los Gatos trail. *sigh* Jerks.

  2. Pretty soon that sign will also read: No Segway-ing.