Thursday, December 14, 2006


Two things worth mentioning this week (just two?) but I'll only make mention of one since someone told me to "get over it" in reference to the first. But before I do that, how's about I throw a little holiday (and gift receiving in general) advice in this ol' post:

It's always a good idea to thank the gift giver, even if you're not a fan of the gift. It's called being polite.

/Public Service Announcement

So that leaves the second thing.

At this evening's sewing class (what, you didn't know I was taking a sewing class?) I got to talking with the gal that sits next to me. We were talking about the upcoming holidays, and she asked if I had any plans. I told her mine, then asked what her plans were. She said her in-laws were arriving, and staying for "a short visit, about 6-8 months ."

I couldn't contain my surprise (my poker face is getting worse) and commented that that was a long time for house guests. She crispy responded, "In my culture, they are not considered 'house guests,' but family," before she abruptly turned away and went back to her sewing.

Well ex-cah-youze me. 6-8 months for anyone to visit is too damn long -- I'm fond of the expression that "House guests, like fish, need to be thrown out after three days."


  1. I still struggle with remembering to write thank-you notes for gifts I recieved. I honeslty never did it until I got married. I dunno, I guess my mom never got us into it... My gramma tried once, she sent my sister a gift just for having written the thank-you!

    As for that girl... that was kind of a rude way to end the conversation. But it is true that other cultures treat family and guests differently than here. Like many Indians I know who plan on supporting their parents in retirement, something that's pretty surprising here. But that's just the way they do it. How far away does their family live? If you only get to see each other once every few years you might be more inclined to have such long visits...?

  2. Kudos to your public service announcement. True, a lot of well-meaning people have no clue their gift choices suck, but it really is the thought that counts. Heck, I appreciate that anyone thinks of me enough to get me a gift.

    Your classmate needs a lesson in being polite. I could understand her underlying philosophy (in my culture, people are expected to provide for their parents as soon as they start working), but it doesn't give her the right to think her way is the only way. 6-8 months is a long time for a "visit," even for family.

  3. I am still laughing about her reaction. I guess she was probably still smarting from the information she got from the INS about tourist visas not being for longer than 6 weeks. Even before 9-11, they were only 3 months. If she hasn't informed herself yet, she will find out soon.