Monday, March 12, 2007

knowing is half the battle

I'm sitting in a food safety manager certification class today as required by the state of California (the renewal for these seems to come around more frequently than the stated three years). The things they teach at these really are valuable, but my attention span since graduating college is pretty much zilch. There are several people here from national restaurant chains where you've probably eaten. I'll pay special attention to who is getting answers wrong. The sous chef from my mother's fave chain restaurant is spot-on when answering questions, so she'll be glad to know that. Speaking of my mother, it's always odd when they use an example of a food borne outbreak from 2000 that my mother was a victim of.

Remember kids -- food safety training is knowledge.

And knowledge is half the battle.


  1. haha, kinda interesting since I just finished reading Fast Food Nation, and all the stuff they say in there about food safety (and how bad the US is about regulating it).

  2. My attention span has really shrunk with each passing year of school. Right now it's at senioritis level.

    I guess now that you know who got the answers wrong, the pool of places to eat out at has gotten smaller. At least indecisiveness is no longer a problem.

  3. and knowledge will set you free...
    hope you didn't drool on the desk when you fell asleep.