Wednesday, October 17, 2007

cash grab

i went to tahoe/reno over the weekend, and for the first time, i flew. (and boy, are my arms tired!)

i fear it's spoiled me for future trips, as the take-off to touch-down time is 55 minutes, with just 38 of that being flying time.

i was doing well friday night, two-and-a-half hours at the roulette table followed by an hour at a single deck $5 table (!) and fueled by shots of patrĂ³n (no chaser, thanks) with a couple of beers mixed in for good measure.

saturday was a downward spiral. maybe one winning hand, total? goes to show -- gotta quit while you're ahead.

the plane ride home was uneventful, save for him being on my flight.

oh, and standing next to him while he boarded the flight ahead of us to LAX. it made me giggle that he had a barney (as in the purple dinosaur) tote bag as his carry-on.


  1. Na ah... no way... really? Joey was on the plane with you?

  2. These celebrity sightings are blog-worthy in themselves!!!!! This is so great! I envy your eyes!!

  3. OK a Barney bag- did he have kids with him? If not that is just wierd!

  4. Nope, no kids with him, he was traveling alone.