Sunday, March 01, 2009

media update: february

this, of course, is more for my own remembrance than anything else. asterisks denote something i particularly enjoyed. follow this advice at your own risk.

Peaceful Warrior
Towelhead *
Rocky Horror Picture Show (r)
Resurrecting the Champ
He's Just Not That Into You
Alien Trespass
Palo Alto, CA
Meet Bill
Margot at the Wedding

Amy Sedaris, "I like You: Hospitality Under the Influence"
Ali Liebegott, "The IHOP Papers"
Nicole Mones, "The Last Chinese Chef"
Paul Feig, "Superstud"
Rob Sheffield, "Love is a Mix Tape" *
Maira Kalman, "The Principles of Uncertainty"

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  1. Look at you, miss B Entertainment! I can't believe you read that many books in a month!!!! I am still working on a book from November....