Wednesday, August 19, 2009

island mercury

my birthday and celebration of it were fantastic.

friday morning i had a personal training session. originally i had a massage scheduled at burke williams, but decided to cancel in favor of really ringing in my 30s as healthily as possible.

that went out the window when Jewels brought me donuts. before this indulgence, i hadn't eaten sugar in 7 months. they were yummy!

i had lunch with my sister (an eating theme on that day, yup) and did some shopping for new workout gear. turns out when you work out 5 days a week you do a lot of laundry, and having a scant 5 sports bras wasn't cutting it.

i headed in to work to drop some stuff off, then went to santa cruz, where i rode the giant dipper roller coaster. by myself. i'm not such a fan of roller coasters, but it was a nice little adventure. i cruised some shops downtown before going to the hotel where i was staying the night. my friend Nicole drove up from santa barbara for my birthday weekend, so that was awesome. we all went to dinner at hula's which was totally over-the-top cheesy and i loved every minute of it. ooooh, and the cocktails! delicious.

saturday morning i was up too early cause i was so excited! almost 25 friends showed up at the beach for sunning, food and drink. Jewels brought my fave ice cream cake on dry ice (!) and we BBQd on the beach with a little portable gas grill. it was amazing, all of it.

i gathered everyone up and took photobooth shots with almost everyone (sad: the boardwalk arcade no longer has the photochemical photobooths, just digital) individually and then all who were game hopped on the giant dipper. (my second time in two days!)

i wasn't anxious for the day to be over, so a bunch of friends headed to my house to eat and drink and chat. i was exhausted by the time everyone left about 11p, but i had such a wonderful weekend!

and now, i'm procrastinating finishing up packing for maui. my plane leaves in about 3 hours. ostensibly, i'm headed for a wedding of a good friend of mine from high school, but i'm staying 10 days. monday he invited me to the rehearsal dinner for this friday, so i begrudgingly headed to macy's to find something suitable. surprisingly, i was in and out in less than an hour with something i'm comfortable wearing. losing 60# (okay, 59.2#) is awesome, but i truly have nothing to wear. my trainer created several travel workouts for me, and i actually intend to do them. my suitcase is ridiculously heavy, and is likely 50+#. i can't recall the last time i brought workout gear on a vacation.


  1. Sorry we had to leave before the photoboothing... will definitely have to introduce D to that whole experience soon! Have fun in Hawaii!

    BTW I think it is so awesome that you're kicking ass like this with the weight loss. =)

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend B. Wish we could have made it!

    Congrats on the 60# weight loss. I am impressed with how disciplined you are, bringing workout clothes to Hawaii. Good for you! --Paula