Tuesday, October 06, 2009

shorter repeats

i leave for new york in just a few short hours, the same red-eye flight i always take. i'm excited to see my friend Vanessa! just finishing up some laundry, and i'm just about set to go.

i got the best news today: i won a contest at the club that gets me $1100 worth of personal training sessions! i don't know who was more excited, my trainer or me! my club does this body age thing and they set up a contest where you had to guess the body age of several trainers, mine included. she's 29, but her body age is 17. yikes! i'm sure mine is that of a retiree. anyway, i got the most correct answers (truthfully, my trainer helped me out a bit) and am stoked!

speaking of training, my trainer has me doing cardio speedwork and i HATE it. but that's just because it's hard. :) i worked out hard with her yesterday, and tried to replicate most of the workout alone today. this is where i know i still need a trainer -- sometimes i can't get myself as motivated when i work out alone. i did 45 minutes of cardio speedwork today, and felt pretty good about my effort. the bummer is, because i have a bum knee the elliptical is out and i'm stuck with the bike (trainer urges the spinning ones) and the erg. 25 minutes of speedwork on the erg and i'm ready to die.

the incident quotient on this week's "trauma" is significantly higher than last week's episode. who knew a street fair could be so dangerous?

i was short on patience earlier today, which was likely why i was so irritated by everyone's idiocy, but now things are all good.

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  1. Congratulations on your winnings. That's an awesome prize! Have a great trip......again.... Paula