Monday, November 16, 2009

peep show

i felt like toothpicks were keeping my eyes open most of the day. i got a weird burst of energy toward the end of my training session in the late afternoon, but that is now long gone. it's a quarter to eight, and i'm gonna hit the hay very shortly after i'm through writing this.

this week is going to be busy, i have something every night after work. this, of course, in addition to my workouts. when does it ever end? i feel like i'm getting busier every week, long gone are the days i'd come home from work and lounge around for hours, sometimes watching two movies a night.

got my harmony one in the mail today to replace my old harmony remote. logitech was kind enough to offer a minor discount to replace my current one since the warranty period has expired and it wasn't holding a charge. got it setup, and the touchscreen feature is pretty rad.

alaska air announced direct service between san jose and maui starting in march. this is exciting for several reasons, but perhaps currently so because of the $169 each way introductory fares. gonna book a ticket for early april, mmhmm.


  1. We are all here to support you and help you with your hectic life. Although your lifestyle changes have made your life more busy, they have also made it more fulfilling. Try to remember why you do it all.

  2. WHOA I'd heard of the new service but not the intro rate... hmmm Will have to look into that.