Monday, January 11, 2010

things i love: neosporin overnight renewal therapy

the latest in an occasional series about things i love, or otherwise find useful and generally pretty rad.

i'll admit it, i had my doubts about neosporin's magical healing properties. i mean, i use it occasionally for a scrape, but not religiously like some people.

but this winter, i've had the unfortunate experience of especially dry, cracked lips and found that my usual ace-in-the hole wasn't doing a damned thing. my sister recommended regular ol' neosporin, which sounded generally pretty icky to be putting on your lips, and i came across the neosporin's kid sibling, specifically designated for use on lips.

the claim is that after three days of overnight use, you'll have softer, smoother lips. i'm pleased to report that this was indeed my experience with this product.

bring it on, california winter!


  1. May have to give that stuff a try.. been getting desperate over here, too.

  2. I am always right and as you know Neo is my Windex.

  3. I use this stuff too! I think I bought it for the first time right after it came out. It's great. I slather it on before bed and wake up to softness...good stuff!!!

  4. Neo is my windex too, Steve can't stop laughing every time I use it :) Sarah