Sunday, October 24, 2010

don't stop believing

i have been living at work the last three weeks. many 19-hour days, mostly 16-hour days, for that period of time.

but i was still able to take off after just 8 hours of work on thursday afternoon to see the giants play in game 5 of the NLCS. it's old news now that they didn't win that day, but it doesn't really matter now that they WON LAST NIGHT and are now GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES for the third time in my lifetime.

my ticket for thursday's game was directly in front of steve perry's, and when they started playing "don't stop believing," he went crazy and encouraged all of us to sing along. i sang at the stop of my lungs and managed only a blurry photo or two of the journey singer. the excitement in the air was unlike anything else i've experienced, likewise the silence when that homely sonofabitch jayson werth hit a homer to provide a solid lead for the phillies to win the game.

NLCS Game 5 001

NLCS Game 5 002

NLCS Game 5 009

not sure if i'll be able to go to a game in this final series, but i'm still believing.

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