Tuesday, July 19, 2005

surreal life?

i am liking the surreal life, but perhaps less this season than others. for some reason i am oddly attracted to bronson pinchot, aka balki. i used to love perfect strangers, between that and full house, my friday nights were set while growing up. janice dickinson gets on my last nerve. she is definitely in my current bottom five people i hate. oooh. add omarosa while you're at it! because i'm too poor for tivo, i record the shows. as in, on a vcr.

god, i am getting old. heartburn from wing sauce. bleh.

there's something about writing in all lowercase that seems so lazy. but also very...? i dunno what the word i'm searching for is.

ran into a chick from starbucks in the safway parking lot tonight, her yelling at a distance cause she recognized me from the peno. of course i was post-swim and freaking braless, but what are you going to do? then! then i was walking into the chicken place and tried to push the door instead of pull and created a loud 'thud!' as my bag from safeway crashed against the glass. and of course the place was packed, inside and out.

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