Monday, January 08, 2007

let sleeping dogs lie

I had cable installed in my room just before Christmas.

I spent that whole Saturday in bed, reading and watching whatever crap tv was on until it was time to go out in the evening. It was luxurious, but not something I could get used to doing on a regular basis.

I am glad to go to bed with Dog the Bounty Hunter every night, with him whispering sweet nothings like "I know, brah, he's a good guy, he just got into some trouble" into my ear as I fall asleep.

Why can't the good stuff be on later? Like TiVo found "Growing Pains" for me (their "suggestion" algorithm is ridiculously accurate) and reminded me of the crush I used to have on Kirk Cameron. In the third grade we had to practice our writing skills and as such were required to write letters to anyone, and I wrote to Kirk Cameron. Bitch never wrote back. He's now talking about the atheist's nightmare . Perhaps he should have written back to adoring 10 year-old fans, that would have earned him some karma points.


  1. Whatever happened to the Seaver parents? America is dying to know.

    My word verification: uwxcr - Unicorns Warily Xcape Czech (w)Ranglers.

  2. My DVR, basically TIVO, is so addicting and evil. Now I watch tv more than ever cause I can fast foward the commercials.
    This is kinda related to your post-well I missed you and just had to say hello. I published 6 books 2 weeks ago-all my poems, and I have a new blog-but no worries-I'm still writing.
    Your biggest fan
    Chris :)

  3. Well, another little gem on cable is Kirk's program to the path to the lord jesus christ's kingdom.

    You're right... he should have written to his prepubesant fans and perhaps he could get more conversions.

  4. Oh lord... I watched that video... yes b/c clearly evolution couldn't explain the banana. *rolls eyes*

    Cable tv is evil. It devours hour up on hours of your time without you even noticing! Ok, so computers and the internet do about the same... ; )