Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Got back late last night from the Sundance Film Festival, and I have so much to say! I need to install my photo software on the laptop, as Best Buy finally replaced my laptop last week, before I do a proper update with pics.

I'm looking forward to going again...maybe next year?


  1. AWESOME! I can't wait for the pictures and the Sundance stories! Anytime Vanessa and I watched "Sundance Dailies" she'd be convinced we'd spot you.

    PS. You disabled comments on your "blogiversary" entry? How dare you! I must say it here then "Happy shmAnniversary!" yay.

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    zebras never diet from feeding (off) X-stasy...they obviously have drug problems.

  2. Ok, so what are the upcoming must-see movies? =)

  3. you were back monday night? you could have met tony hale? and you didn't? oh, shame, b. shame.