Friday, February 16, 2007

more adventurous

It's 7pm and (this'll make my East Coast pals insane) I'm in short-sleeves and sandals. It's probably in the high 60s still and looks like it'll stay that way for the rest of the weekend. I have Monday off, miracle of miracles, and I intend to enjoy it to the fullest. I'm hoping the weather lasts until then because I have Big Plans.

This week hasn't been the greatest at work -- two of the kids got into a knock-down, drag-out argument the other day, making this the second in a one-week period. I thought we had the issue resolved last week, after a nearly two-hour pow-wow with the two people, but apparently not. They're like little kids -- they argue over the smallest things. This week's trigger? Person A didn't empty the dustbin before returning it to its spot in the utility area, not once, not twice, but three times. The horror! Person B was so incensed, she took a camera phone pic to prove to me what happened. I had the hardest time not rolling my eyes while she was explaining her side of the story. Person A claimed he "forgot" all three times to empty said dustbin, to which Person B said, "Funny how he's always forgetting things. He never seems to forget to take a break or pick up his check!" I nearly lost it at this point, I wanted to laugh so badly. Because it's true. He's always the first to clock out for his break, is routinely a few minutes late for work in the mornings and certainly never forgets to pick up his check. He's a good guy but needs constant reminders on what his job responsibilities are. Things were much better today, the storm has calmed, but for how long? It makes me doubt my management skills.

Because of the work crap I've dealt with lately, I was more than looking forward to the facial I scheduled for this evening, my first ever. It was so crazily relaxing, I almost didn't mind when she did the extractions. Almost. It was an hour and a half of bliss, and my skin looks awesome.

Now I'm off to a local pub for some garlic fries and whatever other dinner-type fixins. I imagine we'll sit outside and have lots of conversation over a couple of pitchers.


  1. My mom left me a voicemail message yesterday that said, "It is almost 70 degrees in Foster City right now. Eat your heart out! And stay warm."

    Gee, thanks mom!

  2. Ok it's 39 here and I have no social life anymore... hope you had a nice time

  3. I want to watch Person A and Person B prepare a Thanksgiving meal together. I would pay to see it. Also, shut up about your great weather!! Just kidding.

  4. Trials and tribulations of being management!

    Enjoy your day off!