Monday, February 05, 2007


Givin' 'em what they want, says I. What that means for you is: few words, lotta pictures.

We hit the ground running on Friday, arriving at 9:30 in the ay-em into Salt Lake City. The rest, bullet-style from the BlackBerry, is more for my own memory than anything else.

-saw "the unforseen" (documentary about environmental impact in austin, texas) @ the library
-ate at zoom for lunch
-dinner at the eating establishment and saw perez hilton , pink hair and all
-waited for "the ten" but wait was so long!

-waited from 11 to 12:30 for waitlist tix to the premiere "broken english" at the racquet club
-met Colleen from Ohio while waiting in line
-wait from 1:45 to 2:30 for waitlist spot, we're numbers 70, 71, 72
-wait as volunteer door operator violates ticket policy and continues to let ppl in after the cut off time of 15 mins
-race over to eccles theater on foot to assure number one spot in line for the premiere "the year of the dog" but end up waiting outside (it started to snow!) for an hour
-eccles staff let us inside to wait for another 45 minutes, we end up with waitlist numbers 68 69 70
-it was so dramatic waiting, but we got in with mere minutes to spare!
-saw john c. reilly, molly shannon, peter sarsgaard and other stars of the movie

-up at 4:45am to head to the box office to wait in line for tickets: it was 2 degrees outside!
-waited from 5:30 am to 8 am to buy tickets, we ended up with tickets to four shows: "the night buffalo" (my number one choice for the whole festival), "low and behold," "never forever" and "the nines"
-headed to the canyons for snowshoeing expedition
-headed to the holiday cinema for "the night buffalo." loves me some diego luna, even if the whole movie was effed up
-blazed over to the prospector square theater just in time for the premiere of "low and behold," about post-katrina Louisiana: loved it
-raced over to the racquet club theater to see the premiere of "never forever," about a korean man and his Caucasian wife that cannot conceive a child. she decides to have an affair with a man that looks like her husband in an attempt to have a child
-after three-back-to-back heavy, emotional movies, my head was throbbing

-up early to see "the nines" at the prospector sqauare theater; very likely this will make it to theaters
-got to see ryan reynolds, john august, melissa mccarthy
-spent the rest of the day roaming main street

Overall: had a wonderful trip, can't wait to do it again, although after waiting outside in the (literally) freezing cold at 5:30am, the ($3000-$5000) festival pass started to sound like a drop in the bucket. I loved that we got to see a variety of films, even if we only got to see 6 of them. From a documentary to a foreign film, the only thing that wasn't represented in our choices was a comedy. We kept saying, "Where's the 'Little Miss Sunshine' of 2007?!"

The Sundance Bible

Sundance box office

Try figgering this out!

Yummy foodstuffs on our first day

Main Street, as seen from Zoom

Pretty scenery

The Library (and theater), where we saw "The Unforseen"

It looks like one of those miniature Christmas villages!

Movie posters, everywhere!

The cast of "The Year of the Dog"

Waiting (and waiting and waiting) for waitlist tickets at the Racquet Club Theater

Despite the sunny sky, it was brrrr cold!

Finally getting into the lobby of the box office after waiting outside in 2 degree weather for two hours

Here we go!

See that ridge at the very top, through the trees? Yeah. That was our destination!

Yup, we made it to the top -- 10,000 feet!

Looking down from the gondola at The Canyons

Pre-show entertainment at the Holiday Village Cinemas

audience award ballot
Voting on "The Night Buffalo" for the Audience Award

Waiting for "Never Forever" to start at the Racquet Club Theater

Main Street (with a sun flare!)

the cast of
The cast of "The Nines"

John August
John August, director of "The Nines"

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

The famous marquee at the Egyptian Theater


  1. Great Blog Bee... Looks like you had a great time, one worthy of a blog and the pictures were well worth the waiting.

  2. You know, Ryan Reynolds is single again. ; )

  3. Wow... it looks like you are having a great time. I love the pics... specially the one of Mr. Reynolds. :) Have Fun!