Sunday, April 01, 2007


Netflix. "Net" "flix." Getting flix from the 'net.

Better yet, WATCHING flix on the 'net, as part of your subscription. I'm currently watching "Postcards from the Edge" in my unpreferred browser (it's only currently available for IE, meaning I've had to use IE for the second time since I got this new laptop, ick) but I'm looking I've found a Firefox hack to remedy this.

Granted, there are only about 1000 titles currently available, most of which I've not heard of ("Infant Massage: The Power of Touch," anyone?) and don't care to watch, there are a handful of titles that are in my queue. I have not yet encountered a delay, and the video quality is top-notch.

I may be doing another focus group for them next week (fingers crossed!) at which I'll praise them for this addition. No, I probably won't, but I'll be thinking it.

I love technology.


  1. "Infant Massage: The Power of Touch"?! I'm going to call "To Catch A Predator" on them. That sounds guh-ross!

  2. Meh. Step into the modern era, Netflix - where not too many people run the exact combination of Windows + Internet Explorer (even if Firefox has a fix - thats them continuing to be awesome, not Netflix supporting it) + WMP.

    This just confirms the notion that physical media is on the way out...

  3. @ Tim: you're just sore that they don't offer compatability with the mac platform.