Sunday, April 29, 2007

i read your blog, but won't watch your videos

thought it would only be appropriate to post these two videos i took whilst driving mokulele highway from the south side of maui to central maui after reading this article the other day. all too true!

should you disagree, and actually watch these videos, the first will feature two of my fingers on my left hand, illustrating the TWO lanes of this highway, and my shock that this has developed since my last visit. (affecting ye olde timey accent) "in my day, it was a single lane road!"

the second? no fingers here! just lots of wind and sugar cane fields.
and music. loud music.


  1. I couldn't get the vids to load =( You can show me when you get back! Miss you.

  2. how's about now? i changed the video playback settings.

  3. are you in the Jeep?? I miss that car. Hope you have a safe trip home!
    Love, Nicole