Thursday, January 31, 2008

an affair to forget

until very late in the day yesterday, i thought yesterday was the 31st.

which means i did inventory at one location a day early, and not at all at another. i'm glad i have another day to get it finished, but hell if i'm doing it again at the other location.

this also means i did two of my least favorite work-related activities yesterday: inventory and raising prices. it's been over two years since our last price increase, and our products have gone up exponentially over the last two years. it also means i'll get a raise soon, which i'm thrilled to hear. but ugh. raising prices is No Fun.

the chairs i got at the estate sale are in the works to get redone. i had a woman that does custom orders come over last week with books and books of fabric samples. so many that it was hard to decide! of course i stupidly decided without her first telling me the price, and the fabric alone was $46 yard. i need at least 10 yards. needless to say, along with the cost of labor, these chairs are going to be very expensive. i rethought the idea of such an expensive fabric and dragged Jewels to calico corners last weekend and found something slightly more reasonable. i got the feeling if i spend that much on these chairs i'd end up resenting them. i only wish i had the chairs, either in their current or future form, for the small super bowl shindig i'm hosting this weekend.

just having family over, not really concerned with the winner unless it earns me some cash from our super bowl pool. i signed up for 5 squares today, here's hoping they're lucky!

mom saw her medical oncologist yesterday morning for a follow-up to her DNA test -- she falls into the "not very likely" group for the cancer to return. a thousand thanks have already been said, and now that we know she "only" has to do radiation and not chemotherapy we're all breathing a little easier. of concern next: dad mentioned to the MO that my mother has lost an additional three pounds since her last appointment and we're all worried. she is thin as it is, and we're worried what significant and rapid weight loss can mean. the MO said she'd contact my mother's primary care doc about an endoscopy, as from her view it's not cancer-related. my mother is absolutely furious with him, saying she'd rather not find out anything else wrong with her. i'm glad he mentioned it, of course, and hope she can get some answers as to why she's always sick to her stomach.

the cake decorating class that i thought was one night ended up being four nights, starting last week. i had to miss the first class due to other commitments but the two i've taken since have gone well. we have a "final" tonight, one that requires us bringing an already frosted split layer cake to decorate in class. because it's in the middle (end?) of the week, i decided to get a jump on making the cakes early. (sounds kinda gross, i know, but they're not frosted yet, and they sat wrapped in the freezer since they were made. that i've now seen enough icing to last a lifetime means that i hopefully won't be tempted by a slice.)


i made two square cakes cause i thought they'd look cool. Jewels' are the traditional round ones. i will say that decorating is a helluva lot harder than it looks! we'll see how well my final cake comes out before i promise any pics.


  1. Gosh, when you put it down on paper it is overwhelming how much you have had going on in the past few weeks---hope things let up soon!

  2. Pictures please!
    That's good news bout your mom!