Sunday, January 27, 2008

bells are ringing

allow me to introduce you to the rock on my sister's finger.

that's right, my baby sister is engaged as of last night.

color us shocked, indeed, but happy for her and her, erm, fiancé. it is my sincere hope that they will be happy together. but heck -- if they've already put up with each other throughout the past 5 (6?) years, that's saying a lot!

tonight we celebrated not only their engagement, but my father's birthday and my future brother-in-law's birthday. lots of celebrating, lots of good times.


  1. Baby Blair is getting engaged. So weird. I was just on the john pooping and thinking about how in a few years, I wouldn't mind settling down. hahah

  2. Congrats to your family! That's a lot of good things to celebrate.