Tuesday, May 06, 2008

grand plan

seems like i just keep having so much fun!

last week i took half of wednesday off to go to a giants game. they won, and taking the train up to the city saved me $25 in parking fees and the headache of driving up there.

thursday i got my hair cut and colored. i'm totally digging my new asymmetrical bob and tri-colored hair.

saturday was jewels' shower, and much fun was had. after a hanging out with friends for a few hours afterwards, i headed to downtown san jose for dinner and drinks with my good friend tara.

sunday morning came around too early, and before i knew it we were on the road to the alameda antiques by the bay, more commonly known (by me) as the alameda flea. oh, what goodies there were to be had! i spent a little over $100 and got all kinds of good stuff. including two globes (one on a stand!) bringing my total globe purchase count for the week at, erm, three.

creepy dolls


some of our purchases

after the flea, we headed to the scharffenberger chocolate factory for lunch at their cafe. such delicious food!

grilled cheese sandwich

burger and fries


here's to having more great weeks!

p.s. -- all of these pix were taken with my new camera and jewels' and cy's 50mm 1.4f lens. i'm getting my own soon. :)


  1. It was quite a fantastic weekend- unfortuantely I think the exhaustion of all the activities is starting to catch up with me now!

  2. Thanks for the shout out!