Thursday, July 03, 2008

expect nothing.

My father is feeling much better, he says. He's has had a couple of ups and downs as far as getting the amount of his medication just right. He made an emergency trip to the doctor last Thursday as he wasn't clotting (generally a good thing as far as the clots that were in his lungs but not so great when it's other parts). They took him off the blood thinners for a few days and he had another blood test on Monday and now he's too low. They've adjusted the blood thinner so hopefully his test today comes back just right. (It did!)

Last year as I watched the city-sponsored fireworks display from my then-overgrown yard I swore I'd have people over to celebrate this year. I got a gardener a few months ago and he's been coming monthly to thin out the wisteria, pull weeds, trim branches and trim the crepe myrtle. He came last weekend and did a fabulous job and now I'm set to have about 12 people over tomorrow. I'm looking forward to hanging out with everyone! We're doing chicken andouille sausages, angus burgers, corn on the cob and garlic bread on the grill, and we'll have fruit salad, a green salad and several apps. I'm trying out a new recipe for a goat cheese appetizer, complete with pine nuts and basil and a couple of other not-so secret ingredients. The best part? It was all one-stop shopping at Trader Joe's for this recipe.

I decided to try for the rest of the stuff I need for the party, including all the heavy stuff like soft drinks and alcohol. Because it was my first time ordering, I saved the delivery fee. I don't know that I'll use their service again, but having someone deliver groceries (including ice!) feels luxurious. And the delivery guy was HOT, so that's a bonus.

The biggest news currently is that I'm getting a roommate. My sister's fiancé Juan, to be exact. He's been living in an apartment for a couple of years that's less than desirable (two fires, several car break-ins) and after the latest truck break-in he found himself short a car stereo and pennies. Yes, they cleaned out his penny stash in his truck. He and my sister are planning on buying a place at the end of the year, but for the next 5 months or so I'll be several hundred dollars a richer. You betcha I'm charging rent!

Sunday I'll be at the Alameda flea, hopefully taking more pictures than buying stuff, but we'll see.

Happy 4th!

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  1. I tried out the Safeway delivery service twice when we were still living in CA. The first time, I wound up with someone else's butter. The second, I was missing my juice. So I didn't really trust it that much.

    Then again, the school where I worked had Safeway deliver groceries every week and they almost never missed stuff.