Thursday, July 17, 2008

social norms

I stopped by an estate sale today and got several goodies for the whopping total of $9. I am becoming such the old lady in my estate sale shopping. At some point I'll have to list the steals I've walked away with. A friend of mine calls it D.P.S., which is short for Dead People's Stuff, and she's being going to estate sales for so long that she's completely immune to the thought of it now. I'm getting there, but there are times where you just go, "this is what it all comes down to -- strangers pawing through your prized possessions, trying to get everything for nothing. " The sale today was definitely D.P.S., as there were half used grocery items pulled from the cupboards for sale, meaning, yeah, someone died for this sale to happen. I didn't see the usual half-used cosmetics, so can one morbidly assume that it was a man that passed away after his wife? I don't like to spend too much time thinking of these things. Anyway, today I got an original, unused "Kennedy for President" bumper sticker, a costume jewelery necklace, a freaking sweet vintage swanky swig hiball glass (too bad there was just one!) and a tiki swizzle stick. Before I know it, I'm going to be the person that I hate with all this random JUNK.

Estate sale find
this original poster in vintage condition was $750

Beer can display
bizarre beer can display

I got a new BlackBerry a couple of weeks ago and am now one of the cool kids with a camera hone again. I forgot how easy it was to snap a pic of something funny and send it to a friend for a laugh. Or to take pictures of ridiculous things at estate sales.

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  1. Did you take these pics with your Blackberry? They look great! I can't get my camera phones (personal or work) to work this well.

    The marijuana poster is hilarious.