Thursday, October 30, 2008

acid tongue

this year, halloween fell on a weekend. (me an' geto boys are trick-or-treatin'.) but there will be no robbin' little kids for bags. a costume, you say? does a pair of bumblebee "ears" count? tres creative.

the last couple of weeks have had me on a high. i'm just loving everything and having a great time. (i thought about editing that sentence, but nyet. it's true!)

saturday morning's breast cancer walk was great. see?

my shirt

the back of J's shirt

breakfast! ;)

bridge school was a good time, despite reviews that said the lineup was less than stellar.

the lawn wasn't happening this year, so we bagged the lawn for seats. i scored a seat in section 201 for $30 from a scalper, and saw norah jones from there, then we eased on down to the 100 section for jack johnson, courtesy of tara's skillz.

jack johnson

jack johnson at the bridge school benefit

jeff tweedy singing "california stars" (my fave!)

i saw jenny lewis last night in SF. i pressured us to leave early because i thought it started at 7p, but it really started at 8p. oops! my sighs while sitting in traffic were all for naught. i have a girl crush on jenny lewis, and meeting pierre de reeder in the lobby made me swoon and talking to him made me stutter.

jenny lewis

"see fernando"

random: i liked the first disc of "fat actress" better than the second. kirstie alley's screaming torrents frighten me. they're also reminiscent of her yelling at john travolta in "look who's talking." flashback!


  1. I'm guessing Tara was with you at Bridge School and that's what got you to be able to move closer....:)

    I'm familiar with her technique....

  2. yes! it was tara, and it's definitely her M.O.