Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the right stuff

i was invited by a friend of mine to see the new kids on the block perform on friday night. of course i went, who would turn down the chance to relive the best part of 5th grade?

the show was full of energy, and the audience, unsurprisingly, was primarily women my age.

we had a suite at the hp pavilion, which was absolutely amazing. the view from it was great, and we were able to people watch as much as watch the show.


matching 'fits!

they sang all their old hits that i remembered, and mixed it up with songs from their new album, which i'd not yet heard.

when nkotb were in their prime, joey was my main man. as an adult, i've moved on to jordan. the dude has definitely aged well!

i am no longer the pop-culture whore i once was -- one of the opening acts was lady gaga, whom i had never even heard of prior to the show. natasha bedingfield was the other opener, and she sang her heart out to a then-half filled arena. she had the most gorgeous dress on, and we got to see her in person as she was hanging out in the concourse, meeting fans and presumably signing autographs.

it was a great night and i'm grateful to my friend for the invitation!

('scuse the camera phone pix, i wasn't sure they'd allow a camera into the performance.)


  1. Natasha Bedingfield opened for NKOTB? No ways...interesting, I would have expected the other way around or something.

    A friend of mine tried to get me to go to an LA show last week, but I resisted...I was also a Joey fan...ah, I had t-shirts and posters and all the albums...but for the life of me I can't remember the lyrics...I am sure it would have been fun to go, and am kind of regretting it now after reading your post!

  2. I like Lady Gaga! She has great music to exercise to =)