Thursday, April 16, 2009

can you read my mind

I've been a fan of The Killers for a few years now, but as often tends to happen, I didn't act on getting tickets for their upcoming Bay Area show. By the time I realized I should be buying tickets, they were, of course, sold out. Which meant StubHub or craigslist to the rescue!

I decided to try the latter, given that my experience with StubHub, although not unpleasant, meant having to pay lots of additional fees. That's the price of security, I suppose.

As experiences with CL can be, it was a bit frustrating to nail down a time to meet with one of the many sellers I contacted. It's also a challenge to determine which of the sellers have legit tickets. I'm wary of those that just have ticket printouts, even though that seems to be the way most tickets are issued these days.

Yesterday's adventures in craigslisting included a guy that would only communicate via text message (sketch!). I got all the pertinent info down, then asked where/when he could meet. He responded by saying, "you haven't made an offer yet." He was asking $65 OBO per ticket, so of course I offered him $65 per ticket. He said he already had one offer of $65 per ticket, and could I do any better? The bugger was trying to shake me down and get me in a supposed bidding war via text! So I said thanks but no thanks, and moved on to the next seller. (Actually, I didn't even respond to his shakedown attempt. I don't feel it deserved a reply.)

And then the next, and then the next. And even one more.

The chick that I ended meeting up with to buy the tickets from was kinda odd. She sent me funny little texts throughout the evening like we were BFFs, or something.

I'm pleased to say that an afternoon of hunting down tickets was made exceptionally easier with the aid of the BlackBerry. And that I finally have a pair of tickets to Sunday night's show in my hot little hand.

Let's just hope they're real.

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