Tuesday, April 14, 2009


a couple of weeks ago i went to a book reading by the one and only heather b. armstrong.

having been to readings before and gotten stuck in the waaay back, i made sure to get there early, and was fortunate enough to snag a seat for me and also one for marcy. it was definitely cool to see heather in person, and even cooler to see that she's just as irreverent in person as she is on her blog -- she mimed giving the microphone a blow job when someone mentioned she should get closer to it to improve the sound quality.

the crowd was amazing! i don't think books, inc. in mountain view expected as many people to show up as did, and among the many people i spotted a chick i went to high school with. (actually, i had to text vanessa to ask what the chick's last name was because it was driving me crazy.)

i didn't buy her book, but i did go up with marcy and say hello, and of course snap a couple of pics.


it sucked and then i cried

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