Wednesday, September 23, 2009

chutes and ladders

my trip to maui was one of the better ones i've made in the last few years. i was so glad to be able to go to my friend's wedding! i also spent a lot of time with many of my parent's friends, the kind of people that get upset if you don't make an effort to see them daily. good people, but it gets old!

having lived on maui, i never do touristy things, but this time i decided to take the ferry to molokai. it was a long, but fun day. it's about an hour and a half each way, departing from lahaina. on the way back, i met a nice guy from san diego and we proceeded to chat it up the whole ride back and hit it off, laughing and joking the entire ride. we were alone on the upper deck of the ferry for the first half hour, until we were both so soaked from the water splashing, so we went to the slightly covered lower deck. i made a joke about needing a rain jacket, and he goes, wait a sec, and pulls out a clean shirt from his bag. i nearly died, it was so cute and thoughtful! because i thought we hit it off, i was ballsy and asked him to dinner as we were exiting the ferry. he mumbled something and started walking away, leaving me like, huh? i debated following him to ask him what he mumbled, but decided against being a stalker and instead enjoyed a nice dinner at kimo's alone.

cracking macadamia nuts

mac nut tree

tasting mac nut honey, yum!

kalaupapa (aka the leper colony)

view from the hotel molokai, my lunch spot

Fresh to death
on the way to the rehearsal dinner

beautiful hawaiian church where the ceremony was held

the church was tiny and stifling -- standing room only!

the groomsmen

view from the reception, the king kamehameha golf club, looking toward the south part of the island

my friend and his beautiful bride

my sister got married september 12. it was lots of fun! i kept saying to everyone, it's so much fun when it's your sister's wedding, you know just about everyone! i gave a speech that people are still talking about (funny, but sweet) and did 3 tequila shots before doing so, with all three shots plied by a cousin.

from the photographer's site: we ran up and surprised them

getting ready

first dance


they're on their honeymoon (maui) til tonight. they went to oahu for a few days, my wedding gift to them was inter-island tickets. while my sister was away, she was laid off. the business office is moving their operations to sacramento, and while we know she'll find something suitable, it sucks that she was notified on her honeymoon.


  1. Wow, that's a sucky call to get on your honeymoon. =(

    And as for the ferry story... boys are wierd.

    Beautiful pics, tho! Looks gorgeous and so much fun. =)

  2. You all look gorgeous!

    It's unfortunate that your sister's office had to rain on her parade like that. Hope things work out.