Thursday, September 24, 2009


i turned on my tv tonight for the first time in ages. who knew i had two episodes of "better off ted" from august about to be deleted on my tivo? i just wanted to make sure i created a season pass for "trauma." i'm not normally a fan of medical dramas, but since its filmed in SF i thought i'd give it a go.

the old navy "cardi coats" commercial is ridiculous.

today is the second time this week that i've had a headache that is so bad, it makes me dizzy. i took advil when it struck on tuesday, but it didn't touch it. at my board meeting in the evening, my neighbor offered to do reiki on me to relieve my headache, and it worked! i wish he was around today to fix it again.

i skipped out on the gym yesterday because i had to get new tires (i typed "tired") for my car after a flat tire in the morning held me up. i'd been putting off getting new tires, and see what happens?

i also skipped out on the gym today because of this headache. i'm hoping to go tomorrow morning, or in the afternoon before i meet my friend angie for drinks and apps.

working out has become such a priority i kinda freak out when i can't make my 5 workouts a week. i didn't have any sessions with my trainer this week, but my monday and tuesday workouts were pretty intense.

it's almost the weekend and i'm thrilled. but i'm more thrilled that it's finally fall, my favorite season. here's hoping we start to get some crisp, fall-like weather soon. i have a couple of new jackets i'm dying to break out!

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