Wednesday, April 28, 2010

dreamboat time capsule

i had to go to the ABC today and pick up our posting for one of the 2 new locations. what a joyous crowd there. i stopped into a market afterward, where to my surprise, green seedless grapes rung up as $7.14 for a pound-and a-half. um, no thanks. then i hit up target and browsed for too long, meaning i spent too much. i tried on a dress that was pretty flattering, but the lining was visible at the seams. what do you want for $24.99, i guess. i got a couple of "boyfriend tees" instead.

i've had a stiff neck since monday. i went to this cheap little asian massage place (not THAT kind) yesterday afternoon where i was kneaded and prodded within and inch of my life. it's better, but still not 100%.

the last few days i spent on maui were peaceful and relaxing. i was able to make my rounds, as it were, of the things i like to see when i'm there for the most part, and i really feel like i was able to decompress. not something i do easily, and my brain is still on vacation. seriously, if you've seen my brain around, ask it to get down to business.

Not a bad view while stuck in traffic
this is the view of lana'i as seen from the pali, stuck in traffic

stopped in for a cocktail before dinner

opah for dinner at kimo's

until recently, there was pineapple grown here

i'm trying to focus on eating well. i was doing so well for a year or so, and now it feels like some old habits are slowly taking over. i'm trying to shut these down, with some success. little victories every day.

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  1. Reading this is relaxing- sounds like a great decompression trip.