Wednesday, April 21, 2010

exciting new concept

here's a funny story: when i got back from the gym yesterday, i took off my shirt in the living room on the way to the bathroom. of course i still had my sports bra on, but that didn't stop the dude on his lanai in the next building over staring, hardcore. i got a laugh out of it, after being mortified, because i didn't realize just how far one can see in here.

still haven't busted out anything other than my cameraphone. it's the lazy person's best friend.

sugar beach, where i've been walking in the mornings:

sugar beach
Morning walk at the pond
kealia pond

i went out sunday night to a tiki bar and drank tiki cocktails like so:

At a tiki bar drinking tiki cocktails

the beautiful holy rosary church in pa'ia on the way to makawao:
Taking a drive upcountry. This church has always been a favorite.

it's hard to gauge just how immense this, this, compound is from this photo, mostly because i took it while driving around wailea and cut off a great portion of it on the right. frankly, it is downright disgusting how excessive it is.
the compound

the abc store is offering a variety of obama "dashboard dolls":

abc store

one reason i love maui:
one reason I love Maui

there are only 2 grades of gas currently available at this station. they're out of the other two, and offer no apologies because of it. also of note, $3.93 for regular. i'm fascinated by the variance in gas prices across the country. what are gas prices in your area?


  1. It's currently gone up a little here in Texas so last week I paid 2.57 a gallon. I told my mom how I thought that was expensive and she just laughed since it's obviously more in CA.

    Looks like you are having a great time-I'm jealous!

  2. It's $2.90ish here...I'm sure it will be $3 this week. I am so jealous of your beautiful!

  3. Pictures are amazing, and that drink looks awesome! You should probably get used to getting checked out B, I'm sure it will happen more and more these days. :)