Wednesday, May 19, 2010

digital nation

i'm just coming down off of a bit of a freak-out where tears were involved. what's got me all anxious? work, for one. and, well, me. i haven't felt like myself lately. maybe it's because i haven't been taking care of myself, the cold i'm trying to get over being a prime example of this. i'm working long hours, and still have lots of work to do even when i go home at a reasonable hour. i've always been a worrier, and when things are out of my control, my worrying escalates. i'm feeling better now.

other things:
i bought myself flowers today, a huge orchid stem with 10 or so blossoms. it looks so tropical in the tall clear cylindrical vase, and almost artificial. i gasped when i went to pay for the stupid thing. apparently orchids are not in season.

i have a crush on dr. house.

sometimes i worry that i leave unintentionally trite comments for other bloggers.

might be going to new orleans for business next month. told the ol' boss-dad that it's not cool to dangle travel of any kind in front of me, then quickly take it away after realizing dates conflict or whatever. i likened it to telling my sister's dog that he's going for a walk, then not taking him.

going to see the giants play in oakland this weekend. maybe they can stop their away-game skid.

gotta take the boss-dad to the airport early early tomorrow morning, he's off to maui. it's like a rotation, i was there, then my sister + hovito got back yesterday, then my dad goes tomorrow. mom's not going this round, and it's a shame we rarely vacation as a family.

my new couch, the one that was delivered, like, 2 months ago? the cushions are sagging. yes, i have a fat ass, but really. i keep meaning to call macy's and have them do something about it.

saturday as i was leaving my house to go babysit for sophie, i smelled something burning. turns out it was a nightlight in the hallway entering my bedroom (you enter my bedroom, the bathroom is immediately to the right, then you go down a short hallway before actually getting to the bedroom part). yes, i'm 30 and still have a hallway/nightlight. anyway, it came with the place and isn't too gaudy, so i left it. so it looked like it had burned out, but it was extremely hot to the touch and the plastic was a bit melted. i just figured its useful life had been exhausted. so i plugged another nightlight into it, only to have the same result two days later. erm. i'm glad i haven't burned down the whole building, and i must get that looked at asap. in the meantime, i hope the monsters don't come out at night, because my room is tomb-dark without a light there.

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  1. Here is some validation, this random post was one of my favorites! Thanks for catching me up on your life, even the little things.

    Oh gosh, the A's are in a skid right now too. I hate it. --Paula