Friday, May 07, 2010

things i love: John Frieda Wind Down Relaxing Creme

the latest in an occasional series about things i love. some are products, some are people, some are places.

behold, the wonder, the glory:

the product pictured above is nothing short of a miracle.

i bought the relaxing creme at big lots on a whim several months ago for a mere $2. i thought, for $2, it's worth giving it a shot. turns out, it's worth more than what i paid for it. it is literally the only styling product that i have used that really does do what it says, which is straighten and relax hair. after using this product for a few days, i knew i had a winner on my hands and returned to big lots to buy s'more. no dice. i checked a second big lots store and came up empty-handed before checking online: my newly discovered miracle product has been discontinued! i raced to target to see if by chance they still had some in stock, which they didn't. i purchased the recommended replacement product by john frieda, the straight fixation creme, and i'm sad to report that it doesn't work as well.

by the end of the weekend, i will have used up the supply of my favorite product. good bye, friend. we hardly knew ye.

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  1. Very much agree - the Wind Down Relaxing Cream really did wonders and has been the saviour of my "big" frizzed curly hair for years. I also tried the straigh fixation replacement - does not do anything for me! Extremely disappointed!