Friday, August 05, 2005

griping all the way

am so irked with ebay right now.

i have been selling lots of items lately, esp. gift certificates/cards, and didn't realize they had a policy about the number of cards one seller could list at a time. so they cancelled all FIVE of my auctions. and i was so counting on that extra 100+$! now i have to relist them all, one at a time, a friggin week apart from each other. it'll take forever! also, i'm wondering what triggered their audit or whatnot, as the auction was slated to end today, right about now, and they cancelled them this afternoon. so. who wasn't doing their job and slacked off and waited until the last minute to end the friggin auction?

also, they will not refund listing charges for any of them, and that's over 2$ for those actions.

now i am beginning to understand why folks are selling elsewhere.

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