Monday, August 29, 2005

listening to: jazz essentials

ever get the feeling like you're losing it? it's been happening to me more often, and i sometimes catch sideways glances at my employess rolling their eyes at me after i've forgotten (yet again) to do something, bring something, buy something.

i just got my cable/internet bill, and apparently i overlooked paying it last month. ooops. not such a big deal, as there were no late penalties, but i've never been late for any kind of payment, ever. and it's not so much that the payment is late that it is that i actually forgot to pay it that bothers me.

i've been doing lots of thinking, meaning my mind is on other things and i'm not focusing on work very much. i made a concerted effort starting yesterday (yes, sunday, i had to work, ugh) to recommit. and it's been harder than i thought it was going to be! having to work on a sunday (or the weekend, for that matter) is a pain in the ass, but it allowed me to catch up on a few things and (gasp) get ahead a bit.

with all this thinking i've been doing, i've been listening to lots of jazz, intense thinking and jazz pretty much go hand-in-hand for me. so i can't get enough of my own cds or the vh1 jazz radio stations these days. it was practically perfect in every way sitting up in the city friday night watching the sun set over the water listening to billie holiday.

saturday was spent at the giants game enjoying the gorgeous weather and spectacularly crappy seats provided by a vendor--third row from the top of the third deck. we couldn't believe they'd offer these seats, but then i saw my rep there and shrugged.

a couple of highlights of last week: buying trouser jeans that i really dig. babysitting my two favorite munchkins and talking about the impending arrival of their baby sister. not watching tv all week except to catch the last bits of a golf tournament, but even then, i wasn't in charge of the remote. realizing that there are a few food choices for me at a steak house, even though i don't eat red meat.

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  1. We recently got a letter for some bill (cable? don't even remember) saying that we hadn't paid that month and they'd charged us a late fee. We cracked up when we realized that we had automatic billing set up for that account. It was fun to call them and alert them that it was their own fault. ; )