Tuesday, August 30, 2005

listening to: early evening sounds outside

a tree grows in brooklyn san francisco. inside the house!

a thought just dawned on me. i should take my laptop outside and take advantage of my wireless internet to enjoy the evening. but i haven't, so far.

again, i'm tv-free for the day! not that it was a big addiction to begin with, but yanno.

and. and i'm off the sauce this week. sauce being caffeine. two days and going strong! again, not a big addiction, but i loves me some diet coke, mostly for the carbonation.

ate meatless buffalo wings for dinner, yummers!

marathon phone convo with t, it's going on our third hour, i believe. who knows what we talk about, but thank heavens for 'free' cell minutes. it's rare that i have enough patience to talk on the phone that long, but i'm in a good mood and with the bluetooth, i'm golden.

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  1. So, who were you talking to? Just kidding. I am glad that things are going well. I hope that before summer is over you take your laptop outside, or just take yourself outside and enjoy the wonderful weather we have in CA!!!!