Thursday, April 20, 2006

'bout time

I had no idea I'd get such a welcome response to the "Things 'Bout Bee."

Encouragement to continue, says I.

Again, in no particular order:

147. I love movies, mostly documentaries and indie-type flicks.
453. I am distantly related to a former President.
97. I have a terrible, irrational fear of lighting matches.
81. I stopped biting my nails last year, after having bit them as long as I can remember.
65. I am the eldest of two.
368. My vision was black and white after falling off a bike once.
213. I've fallen off of more bicycles, scooters, and skateboards than most females I know.
415. I had all four wisdom teeth out with only a local anesthetic.
650. I've voted in every election since I turned 18.
818. I was a political science major in college.


  1. I'm distantly related to a Chilean president. =)

    That's crazy about seeing in B&W after falling off a bike... how long did it last?

  2. Me too...I got my wisdom teeth extracted at the age of 15 and had it done at the dentist's office with only a local...we are tough women. :)

  3. Sorry--I didn't mean for that to be anon...the above comment is mine. :)

  4. Zach's dad went in for a check-up one day whhen he was in his teens or 20's and the dentist looked in his mouth and said "hmmm... let me try something" and got pliers and just popped off each of his 3 wisdom teeth )never got a 4th). =P

  5. I too have fallen off of various things most girls wouldn't even be on... hooray for us extreme women!

  6. I love all these tidbits, but I think I know about 99% of them already!!!!