Monday, April 17, 2006

talkin' 'bout a revolution

My attention span is getting shorter and shorter.
I'm currently watching "Bitter Sugar," a b&w movie that takes place in Havana. So interesting! I only have to read the subtitles every once in a while, too, so that's a plus.
In an effort to actually write more (aka, not just post pix) I'm going to start a list of 100 (mostly random) things about me. Gawd, I swore I'd never become "that person," but if it helps get the ball rolling, then so be it. Of course writing 100 things at one time would require too much attention (see fist line of this entry) so it'll be bit by bit. And, because of the attention span issue, there's no guarantee I'll finish it. Ha!

1. I broke my right arm in preschool.
2. I was nearly 19 before I left the country for the first time.
3. I didn't get my driver's license until I was almost 17.
4. I've seen DMB live more times than I can count.
5. If I had all the money in the world, I'd travel.
6. And take photographs.
7. My dream vacation is to lay by the pool/beach.
8. When I was 6, my doctor gave me sunscreen for my birthday. "Use it," he said.
9. I spend more time than I should online.
10. Most of the time I'm not able to recount how I spend my online time, it's that varied.


  1. Bianca, I bought 'Azucar Amarga' here in mexi-land. It was pretty good. Watch more movies in Spanish! (eventhough good ones are hard to find.) My favorites are everything by Pedro Almodovar (a lot of them are on netflix), Plata Quemada (Burnt Money), Nueve Reinas (9 Queens), Lovers of the Artic Circle (I dont feel like writing the whole title in Spanish but I LOVED this movie - though I think it is only on VHS - they used to play it on IFC.)

  2. Uh oh...I'm probably "that person"...ha ha...these things are fun. I hear ya on the online time...what the heck did people do before the internet? Hee, hee...:)

  3. Numbers 5,6 & 7 are all true for me aswell, although for 7 it would have to be a beach, and there would have to be a nice strong cocktail in my hand.

  4. 1. me too... well, in 1st grade...
    2. have never left the countr!
    3. me too... except I was 17...
    4. what is DMB?
    5. I'd give the money to orphans...
    6. And I'd sing to them
    7. My dream vacation is to not be busy... to be somewhere all by myself for a change...
    8. my doc never gave me anything except a shot...
    9. me too
    10. me too..

    we are like... twins... LOL!