Saturday, April 29, 2006

real life

More Facts 'Bout Bee.
Hate 'em? Love 'em? Either way, I'm doin' 'em!

735. I often have cereal as my dinner.
905. I have at least three different kinds of cereal in my cupboard at any given time.
234. Current cereal offerings: Kashi Go Lean, Crispix, and Whole Foods' version of Life.
14. My favorite foods "type" is Mexican. (I guess you really are what you eat.)
246. I am "bi-racial." (Right, Vanessa?)
87. I have never had a cavity (knock on wood).
64. Sometimes I think I want to be a bartender.
645. I love spending time in the water -- a pool, a lake, the ocean, a bath -- it doesn't matter.
490. My astrological sign is Leo.
209. I don't embody many Leo traits.


  1. Aaaaaaaay,

    Orale, tu la Loca Bi-Racial. Don't Hate. Just remember I am sorta like you, bi-cultural. (Actually, technically Hispanic/Latino what have you is NOT a race. Case in point there are "white" Latinos and black Latinos. The US Census does not categorize Hispanics as a race.)

  2. I too frequently have cereal as dinner. Even if I already had it for breakfast. And I am a bartender, and while it's good for me now, it's not something I want to stick with for the rest of my life. I do love it though. And I just got my first cavity this past summer. I love the lists, keep it up.