Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I'm supposed to be back in California already, but at the airport yesterday they asked for volunteers to give up their seats. I pretty much always volunteer when this happens, because I usually travel alone and don't inconvenience anyone. Oh, and I like the perks.

This is the first time I've volunteered where the airline couldn't get me on a flight the next day, so I'll be here until Wednesday. My haul from voluntarily giving up my seat? Two nights at a Ka'anapali hotel, taxis to and from the airport, three paid meals a day and a $300 voucher to be used on a future flight. All told, it's almost $1000. There were 15 or so folks that volunteered. You do the math. No wonder why airlines are constantly declaring bankruptcy!

The meal vouchers are only good at the hotel, but the food is surprisingly good. I had two lobster tails, courtesy of the airline's generous meal allowance of $75 a day, for dinner last night. I think that in itself was worth giving up my seat yesterday.

When I checked in, I presented my Hawaii state id to the front desk. When she saw my local address, she upgraded me to an ocean view. The $15 I spent renewing my id was money well spent.

Staying a couple extra days meant cancelling the doctor's appointment I had scheduled for today. I've rescheduled it for Friday, but I'm hoping I feel better by then and won't have to go. (Yes, I got sick on my trip, my second day here, in fact. Another story for another time.)

I met a young couple from the Bay Area yesterday that also voluntarily gave up their seats. I haven't called them to hang out yet, but I suppose we'll hit the beach today, despite the fact that it looks like it'll be a windy day.

I've only stayed on this side of the island twice: once in high school, after our senior prom, and once when I was about 3 years old. Although I'm familiar with this side, it's still a bit odd because I don't have any transportation other than my two feet.

While I was staying at my parent's condo last week, I was pilfering someone's unsecured network, thus fueling my internet addiction when I was home. No such luck at this hotel, and if it weren't for the BlackBerry I'd probably be forking over the $10 a day. No, not really. (Yes, really.) It's just that I'm anxious to share photos! I'll have a plethora of them to share upon my return.

And with that, I'm off. They don't hand out beach towels until 8am, and the clock has finally struck that magic hour. Curses for continually waking up at 6.30am on my vacation!

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