Saturday, June 09, 2007

sleepy deprived

last night, over a pitcher of beer, tara suggested we head to reno. at 8 pm. pshaw, says i. then i mulled it over. why not? it's been ages (if ever) since i was that spontaneous. we each headed to our respective homes, threw a couple things in a bag and hit the road! we officially left about 9 pm, making it to reno at 1 am. we hit fitzgerald's first, followed by the el dorado. we left the el dorado a little after 6 am, and by the time we got to lake tahoe's north shore where her parent's condo is, it was 7 am.

being awake for over 24 hours is not my favorite thing.

we headed to our rooms and i snoozed for a couple of hours before "waking up" (i use the term loosely, as i never really fell asleep) at 11.

the trip was a blast, and i'll share pics later.

now? i'm off to bed before 9 pm on a saturday night.


  1. very cool....I used to do stuff like this but no more... and not for another 18 or so years I think.

  2. Good for you. I am jealous. Alex and I used to do stuff like that as well, but those days are over.

    Maybe being so tired from your wild weekend helped you avoid watching a certain SWEEP this weekend?! :)

    Go A's!

  3. awwwwww that sounds like so much fun! (except for the non-sleeping part)