Tuesday, August 21, 2007

keep calm

i'm getting to the new york update.

in the meantime...

my traditional "august by the numbers" entry:

august 1: 3 years of homeownership

august 14: my 28th birthday

august 16: 5 (!) years with my company

i'm watching this right now. that's reality tv. horrifically real. i feel like throwing up, now, watching it. literally watching someone die.

more reality? my mother just called me to say my sister's apartment complex is on fire. on. fire. what. the. fuck. good news is sister is okay, and juan is at work, so neither of them are harmed. i called my sister, and she's hysterical, of course. she's currently waiting for the fire people to finish up and maybe let them back in. i wasn't able to get much out of her, so i don't know all the details. ugh. more stuff for them to deal with, you know?


  1. I thought you said you were getting to the NY update? Why don't I see it then????

    Glad your sister is alright.

    BTW: I scored you 218 points in bowling at Jules house. I beat Alex, Cy and Jules.....but, apparently you have done better than a 218 because it wasn't a record.

  2. My apartment caught fire my senior year of college and someone had to come and tell me at work. By the time I got to my street, the entire complex was blocked by fire trucks. I showed up just in time to see them shoot water through our windows...it's traumatic. Best of luck to your sister...I feel the pain.