Tuesday, August 28, 2007

looks like liberace threw up in it

given where i live and the housing market here, something like this property looks like a steal at a mere $150,000. and it's more than good sized! (5 Bed, 1.5 Bath, 2,988 Sq. Ft)

it's got good curb appeal

the drawbacks? the most obvious, perhaps is that it's in west virginia. the other drawbacks require you to click on the link. i think you'll get the point.


  1. OMG... and I thought this place was bad when I moved here...

  2. Oh boy...I think the buyer should negotiate a lower price to cover the cost of an interior decorator.

    Once I saw an eBay listing for a big mansion in the South. The outside looks great, but the inside was so full of ornate junk that it was dizzying. And it's not like the house was a good deal or anything.

  3. UGH! What the hell were they thinking? WHO looked at all that crap and was like: I want it! I want it all - and I want it all together!

  4. Um yeah...just a little work here and there and it's good to go. Tee hee....that is terrible. Atrocious.