Sunday, August 05, 2007

rippling effect

i'm leaving for new york tomorrow night on the red-eye. not really as sudden as it sounds, i booked the trip a couple of weeks ago. i'm looking forward to hanging with friends, seeing a mets game and the myriad of other activities! i know coney island is seedy, but for all the trips i've made to new york, it's been the one thing that consistently got overlooked. not this time! we're going on thursday. fingers crossed there are no thunderstorms that day!

i babysat last night for my usual three munchkins. the free wi-fi the city has is cool and while the kids are sleeping i was browsing itunes. a "shared" tab popped up on the left hand side. i'd never seen this before, so i started looking at the offerings. only three users showed up, but dangit if i don't want to make those three my best friends, based solely on their taste in music.

aaliyah's "one in a million" was on one of the shared playlists. i hadn't heard that song in literally over 10 years. it was my favorite song during spring break of my senior year of high school, and when i came back to california to scout out colleges i played it at volume 10 from my father's new car. i had the cd, but no doubt i sold it on one of my binges to get rid of clutter. i looked for it in the itunes store, but alas, it's not available. hunting for it on ebay solved that problem, and it's on its way to me. but because i'm a glutton for punishment, i realized i could obtain the song through a bittorrent site i use. d'oh!

instead of our usual sunday dinner out, my dad wanted to do lunch . while it was a nice outing, i am feeling a little out of it. it's sunday night and i'm home, there's something wrong with this!

spotted at lunch today:

i like the contrast of the bentley and the minivan in the background.


  1. have a fun and safe trip!!
    LOve nikio

  2. Sweet car and nice pic =) Hope you'll enjoy your trip!

  3. YES YES YES YES. You are here!!!! Cant wait to go to trashy island.

  4. Oh that's my car...just not in black! =)