Thursday, September 27, 2007


if i were to tell you about my long weekend in santa barbara and its environs i'd tell you it was a fantastic trip filled with all sorts of my favorite things.

i'd tell you that i went to the beautiful wedding of one of my dear friends, and that i had such a great time reconnecting with old friends.

i'd tell you that i was able to indulge in FOUR(!) different photobooths and even talked my mother and aunt into one with me.

i'd tell you i went wine tasting with my mother at one of the "sideways" wineries, and that we brought my father back a bottle of wine which he shunned, even though it was a pricey sucker, for having a twist-off cap.

i'd tell you that my mother and i went antique shopping in ventura where we both came away with a few items that we couldn't live without.

i'd tell you that after photoboothing we went to fifty-cent happy hour with the locals.

i'd tell you that i got to spend time with my favorite aunt, who came up from orange county, and learn that her son, who is the same age as i am, got engaged in june. june, people. and we just learned of it!

i'd tell you that most of the time, my mother didn't drive me as crazy as i thought she would have, and that no, i didn't invite her along just so i could drive her convertible.

i'd tell you that i had the most delicious cup of clam chowder for lunch in pismo beach, and lingered a little longer over it to prolong the drive home.

i'd tell you that the weather was crappy every day but sunday, where all the wedding guests met at the beach for brunch right on the beach.

i'd also tell you that i took a ton of pictures, but sometimes words are better.


  1. SHIT! Steamers. My friend stopped there once on our drive back to the Bay from SB and I thought it was ridiculous - until I had the chowdah!

  2. glad you had a good time! i am lookin forward to the pics though.