Saturday, September 15, 2007

scavenger hunt

i thought i would lay low for the next week or so until i head down south for a wedding. by "laying low" i meant not going out as much, getting some rest, and saving money. as usual, i'm more successful at some of the things and not as successful at others. i've not done as well getting rest as much as i'd have liked, and although it may seem counterintuitive that i'm still saving money and going out, i have been. a month or so ago i decided i was fed up with the amount of times a week i ate out. sunday night dinner with the family aside, i set a goal of eating out only once a week. for a single person who doesn't care very much for cooking and cares for leftovers three days in a row even less, this was no small feat. i'm proud to say that i've stuck with this and my bank account shows. (oh, and i've made myself some nice meals, too!)

which is good, because i'm going to have a kick-ass time when i go to nicole's wedding next weekend. i'm driving down thursday morning and i'll probably stop a couple of times along the way.

i went to the giants game on monday night, probably my last of the season. this makes me sad, especially since the giants have been so rotten this year. but it also signifies the beginning of fall, which i recently decided is my favorite season. seasons don't mean much in california, but the slight chill in the air makes me anticipate the light sweater-wearing days of fall in california.

jewels and i went for the most delicious sushi dinner on thursday night at a place neither of us had tried. i've been craving one of their rolls since then, and i'm sure i'll head there again soon. we walked to dinner, which i enjoyed, and came back and ended the evening in the hot tub. it was a great way to end the week.

i was at work by 6 yesterday morning, so you'd think i would have slept in a bit this morning. riiiight. anj invited me to an event at laguna seca today, and while i have no interest in motorbike racing, i thought i'd go for the experience. plus, the tickets are free, so i can't argue with that. it's been about 6 years since i last was in monterey, which is only one of the most gorgeous places ever.

you never know what saying "yes" to things will bring.


  1. I bet you'll get into the races that day. Have fun, lady!

  2. i mean get into them as in: you'll enjoy them. NOT you'll be in them... hahah just clarifying.